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NU'EST Talks To KPopStarz Japan: Part 4 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Kiyori Maysumato | June 06, 2015 09:10 AM EDT


NU'EST answers fan questions from all over the world. What did they want to be when they grew up. What's their favorite ice cream flavor. Fans want to know.

Q: KpopStarz is an international website that has Chinese, English and Spanish versions, so from here on we want to ask you qustions from all over the world. The first question is from Singpore. "What is your favorite ice cream flavor?"

A: Aron: Rainbow sherbet! (Laughs)

Minhyun: Chocolate.

Ren: Mint chocolate.

JR: Mint apple.

Baekho: Ice cream from Baskin Robbins31, which is called "Mom is alien /엄마는 외계인(eommaneun oegyein)."

Minhyun: I think it is only available in Korea.

Baekho: Chocolate balls are in it.

Q: What do you order at a cafe?" (USA)

Baekho: Iced Americano

JR: Iced Americano

Ren: Yogurt smoothie for me.

Minhyun: I like blueberry smoothie.

Aron: Strawberry smoothie.

Q: What do you think first when you wake up in the morning? (Indonesia)

Minhyun: What? What time is it now?

Aron: Glasses, where are they?

Ren: I have to take a shower.

JR: Water (laughs)

Baekho: Still tired...

Q: If you were going to have a super power, which super power would you have? (Philippines)

Ren: Ability to stop time and teleport!

Minhyun: I want to be a super hero's boss, telling Iron Man what to do.

Aron: Having X-ray glasses.

Q: What do you want to see with the glasses?

Aron: When I'm inside a room, I want to know what other people are doing outside (laughs)

Q: What is your favorite ride? (Taiwan)

A: Baekho: I love Shinkansen (high-speed railways lines in Japan)

JR: I like Shinkansen too!

All: Me too! Me too!

Q: Shinkansen seems very popular (laughs)

A: Minhyun: It's first and the most convenient!

Q: What was your childhood dream? (Brazil)

A: JR: To be a person who observes animals.

Aron: It was a journalist.

Baekho: It was an artist but I'm not a good artist (laughs).

Minyun: I always wanted to be a singer since I was small.

Ren: I wanted to be an adult.

Q: What do the fans mean for NU'EST (Thailand)

A: JR: Air.

Baekho: People who have made our dreams come true.

Minhyun: Shining stars in the sky.

Ren: For me they are like a "heart."

Aron: Motivation

Q: For Aron, In order to become proficient in English, how should I study?" (France)

A: If you can live in the U.S., it will be better. If you can't go to the U.S., it is good to make friends who are from the U.S.

Q: When NU'EST started to become popular, how did you feel? (USA)

A: I didn't realize it at that time but now I think back about it, I think it was like "Oh! We are gaining more fans!"

Q: When you are in a slump, how do you switch your mood? (Taiwan)

A: Minhyun: I usually go see a movie by myself.

Ren: I usually talk to my family and ask for advice.

Baekho: If I have something not going well, I put the trouble aside for a while and go out or do whatever I want to do and go back to work on the problem later.

Aron: I go out with friends and feel better and just play.

Q: What do you do before a concert to stay calm? (USA)

Baekho: I usually shout with other members like "Let's do it!' before we go up on stage.

JR: We usually want to bring our mood up rather than clam down so we shout loud and eat a lot before a stage. Then we can switch our mood.

Q: Lastly, please give a message to the NU'EST fans around the world.

A: Minhyun: Thank you so much for always giving us a lot of love and support from around the world. We will continue to do our best and try even harder so please continue your support. Thank you.

Baekho: Probably, there are still people who haven't seen us live but thank you so much for liking us and for just watching our videos. We want to visit many countries, do concerts and meet all of our fans if we have a chance. Please support us!

JR: It has been about three years since we started, we are still immature in many ways but we really appreciate you and how you love us the way we are. We can only give back to you by music so we want to continue our music. Thank you all!

All: Thank you!

This is the fourth part of a four-part interview.

text:Kiyori Matsumoto / photo:Ryosuke Oshiki)

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