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NU'EST Talks To KPopStarz Japan: Part 1 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Kiyori Maysumato | June 03, 2015 07:53 AM EDT


NU'EST's second single in Japan, "Na.Na.Na.Namida," is a song about heartbreak, about a hopeless love. Kpopstarz Japan interviewed the band before the song's release and learned a little more about the members.

Q: Nice to meet you! It is your first appearance in the KpopStarz Japanese version.

A: All: Nice to meet you!

Q: I saw the Live Concert at Ebisu Garden Hall. What did you do to prepare for this?

A: Minhyun: We have prepared a new performance that includes 2nd singles in Japan "NA.NA.NA.Namida", which was first introduced in this live concert and songs that were in our albums in Korea but had not been introduced yet in Japan.

JR: After all, it was brand new performance this time and it was the best.

Ren: There was also a solo performance.

JR: We have different solo performances each time so fans are always expecting something new.

Q: Thinking back to the concert, can you please tell us what you think went well and what you think you might have changed?

A: Minhyun: For good, I was so happy to see that the fans realized that our performances have improved.

JR: I'm glad that we could show our various talents but it was a little disappointing that we had very little time to practice our new songs that we performed this time. I wish we could have shown the perfect performance.

Q: You performed the new single "Na. Na. Na. Namida." In this song, what parts of NU'EST's talent can we especially enjoy.

A: Aron:I liked all of my parts.

Baekho: I like the part ♪"IMA~".

Minhyun: The hook of the song, ♪"NA.NA.NA.・・・"


Minhyun: I like this part. If you listen it, you can easily sing it.

JR: This song is my favorite because my part is long (laughs). I especially like the lyrics for this part "♪DAREKAO KONNANI OMOU NANTE KIMINI AUMADE AINANTE (誰かをこんなに想うなんて 君に会うまで愛なんて) I don't know why".

All: Nice

Ren: I like the entire song because the melody of the song is really good.

This is the first part of a four-part interview.

(text:Kiyori Matsumoto / photo:Ryosuke Oshiki)

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