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NU'EST Talks To KPopStarz Japan: Part 2 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Kiyori Maysumato | June 04, 2015 09:30 AM EDT


NU'EST spoke with KpopStarz Japan about memories of umbrellas and what they think of their own voices.

Q: The performance with the umbrellas is very impressive. Do you have any memories with umbrellas?

Ren: Memories with umbrellas...(Thinking)

Q: Maybe you shared an umbrella with someone?

A: Baekho: Though not the fun kind of story (laughs). I am from Jeju Island and Jeju Island is a place that gets heavy rain and strong wind. One day, I was walking with an umbrella and strong wind broke my umbrella so I had to walk in the rain and got wet on my way home. It's not an interesting story (laughs).

Ren: When I was in elementary school, with a girl.

All: With a friend?

Ren: Yes, I remember that I walked down the street with a girl while we were sharing an umbrella.

Q: Really? Elementary school! (Laughs)

A: All: Too young!

Ren: We were so pure because we were still elementary school kids (laughs).

Minhyun: I also have memories from when I was in elementary. I was on the way back from school and met an old man who was selling something but didn't have an umbrella and getting wet. My house was pretty close so I gave him my umbrella.


Q: By the way, do you like your "voice?" How do you feel about your voice.

A: Aron: I can' t tell by myself but when I speak in English, people say my voice is different from my normal voice. I like my English speaking voice too.

Minhyun: I love my voice. I am grateful to my parents.

Ren: People say my voice is unique, so I like it.

JR: I don't usually think about my voice so it doesn't bother me but when I see a video and listen to my voice, it makes me nervous (laughs).

Minhyun: Oh really?

Baekho: I didn't think my voice was nice but I thought it was a nice voice when I sang. After I had trouble with my throat and I had to have a vocal cord nodules surgery and treatment, I wanted my voice to be a little deeper so it's a little disappointing.

Q: Of all your live performances of NU'EST up to now, which do you think was your best performance?

A: Ren: I think it was the live event at the Tokyo Dome in 2011. I was very nervous but I think I did really well.

Minhyun: It was an event in Korea. When we went to the local performance center, it was raining really badly that day but we did our best for the people who came to see our show. I think it was the best one.

JR: I think this tour was the best. We went beyond our limit and were able to provide a better show. I think I have grown because of it.

Baekho: I also think this tour. My throat had healed so I was easily able to sing high tones in the way I wanted. I felt so good while I was singing.

Aron: It was not recent but few years ago when we performed in the US. It was my first time that I performed in front of my friends and family in the US so it was very special concert for me that I can't forget.

This is the second part of a four-part interview.

(text:Kiyori Matsumoto / photo:Ryosuke Oshiki)

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