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Review: K-Pop Singer Anda Continues To Push Her Sound And Style To The Limit On 'Touch' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | June 08, 2015 06:10 PM EDT


There are few new artists in the K-pop scene as unique and exciting as Anda.

Originally debuting under the name Andamiro on the South Korean record label Trophy Entertainment in 2012, her new career at Emperor Entertainment Korea as Anda appears to have rejuvenated the 24-year-old singer (whose real name is Won Min J) and once again driven her to new heights.

Back in February, Anda dropped her first single for Emperor, "Mastering," making it clear that she was ready to do something completely different from her previous material.

On "Touch," the title track of her new album released on Thursday, Anda has once again taken her sound to new and exhilarating places, throwing in influences as varied as Boyz II Men, Beyoncé and even The Beach Boys (if you'll excuse the excessive alliteration) into her musical cauldron. And though as a present-day pop icon whose shadow looms large, Queen Bey has surely had a major effect on her fair share of K-pop acts, those other two acts are not sounds you hear every day in South Korean pop.

Perhaps most importantly, Anda's natural gift as a vocalist and the ease with which she presents herself makes her born to be a pop star.

Even in as off-kilter a visual moment as the music video to "Touch," an experimental homage to the Mark Romanek-directed Fiona Apple clip for "Criminal," she still somehow comes across as sincere and unpretentious, magnetic even.

"My heart and body's dancing all on the floor," Anda sings in the chorus of "Touch."

While this sentence might not really make sense in the strict grammatical sense, when applied to Anda it rings true. This is a performer clearly not afraid to leave everything on the floor, mind, body and soul.

Watch the sizzling music video for "Touch," the new single by Anda RIGHT HERE

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