5 Times G-Dragon's Style Confused And Excited Us

Big Bang's G-Dragon is known for his eclectic, over-the-top style. Even people who aren't fans of the artist are aware of his more outrageous styles. Here's our list of 5 times his style surprised, but also excited, us!

1. Noose sideburn
When G-Dragon first stepped on screen at the start of "Loser" we had to pause the video to get a good look at those sideburns. The rest of the video was spent debating if G-Dragon had actually tattooed them to the side of his head or if it was makeup. Seeing the same mark during "Loser's" live definitely didn't help our confusion. Now that it's gone for "Bang Bang Bang" and "We Like 2 Party," though, we have to admit we kind of miss the marking...

2. "Glitter Dragon"

With fiery red hair as part of the teaser photos, we were expecting something pretty exciting for "Bang Bang Bang"--but we weren't expecting G-Dragon to paint his face in glitter for the video. G-Dragon looked so sparkly, though, that it definitely made us want to bust out our own glitter makeup and join him on that level of fabulousness.

3. Blond dreads

The blond dreads defined his "One Of A Kind" era and inspired many an awesome cosplay. The highlighter yellow dye makes the style look almost like a wig of yarn and is especially striking when paired with his black and white clothing. Whether you love or hate the blond dreads they're undoubtedly one of G-Dragon's most iconic hairstyles.

4. Everything in "MichiGo"

From the leather-clad punk with the lip piercing to the large-footed prep with the ombre'd hair, G-Dragon pulled out all the stops for this one. Our personal favorite was probably the bowl with the giant pink elephant, even if he was riding the elephant rather than wearing it!

5. Seaweed hair
G-Dragon's seaweed hair wins as our most favorite and outrageous style of his. The asymmetrical cut suited his face, even if we weren't ready for the cascade of hair at the beginning of "Fantastic Baby." I can't imagine the number of extensions that went into that opening scene. Even better, though, was the use of extensions to consistently change the colors of his hair during promotions. The seaweed style tops our list, but we will say that we feel bad sorry for the number of times G-Dragon probably got hair in his mouth...

Bonus: Bear Suit
Back during G-Dragon's solo promotions for "One Of A Kind" and "Crayon," he treated fans to a special surprise. Before a recording for "Inkigayo," G-Dragon dressed in a teddy bear suit and guided his fans to their seats. Unfortunately, his fans didn't recognize him! Imagining G-Dragon as a cute teddy bear is already perfect, we just wish we were there to have meet him in person.

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