2Yoon's Original Name Was SsangYoon? 'Changed Because It Sounded Like a Bad Word'

2Yoon's original name was revealed, catching much attention.

In KBS 2TV "Entertainment Relay" aired yesterday, 4minute's unit group 2Yoon was interviewed.

On this day, 2Yoon said, "Our original name was SsangYoon," shocking many. They said, "Taking the Yoon of our names Huh GaYoon and Jun JiYoon, we were named SsangYoon (Ssang = double). But the name sounded like a bad word and we wanted a cute image so we changed it to 2Yoon."

Internet users who saw this commented, "2Yoon original name... So funny," "They would've been a trot group if they named themselves SsangYoon," and "Good thing they changed it."

Photo Credit: Seoul News



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