K-Pop Behind The Spotlight: Choreographer Parris Goebel On The Making Of Big Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' Video [EXCLUSIVE]

The 23-year-old avant-garde choreographer and hip-hop dance star Parris Goebel was behind some of the tightest moves in K-pop. Goebel also led the ReQuest Crew, an all-female New Zealand dance group, to two victories at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships. In her first-ever Kpopstarz interview, she discusses what it was like to work with Big Bang on the music video "Bang Bang Bang" and band member Taeyang on his solo hit "Ringa Linga." 

KpopStarz: Your choreography incorporates strong, hard-hitting moves for both male and female dancers. What influenced your style of dancing?

Parris Goebel: I am influenced by music, fashion, art and people, through social media and real life.

KpopStarz: Was it difficult to transition from performing as a dancer to working as a choreographer? 

Parris Goebel: Not at all, I have always been a choreographer.

KpopStarz: What are your most memorable performances with ReQuest Crew?

Parris Goebel: Our first win at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships, in 2009.

KpopStarz: Can you describe the creative process behind your choreography for "Bang, Bang Bang?" How long did it take to instruct the dancers? What was it like to work with Big Bang? 

Parris Goebel: I played the song and I found inspiration through the music. Then, I literally interpreted the lyrics of the song. It took three days to instruct the dancers. All of the five guys in Big Bang are great and fun to work with.

KpopStarz: What are your thoughts on the scene in the video where you are shown on screen with G-Dragon? 

Parris Goebel: Creatively it was so much fun. We were chained together by the neck to show we are connected together. That was an idea from G-Dragon, which I thought rocked.

KpopStarz: What was it like to work with Taeyang on “Ringa Linga?” How did the opportunity come about?

Parris Goebel: Taeyang is awesome. We have become really good friends. He watched a video clip that I released called “I Love Cali Boys" and he was inspired by what he saw. Afterward, he reached out to me to work with him.

KpopStarz: Is it more challenging to choreograph sequences for K-pop dance or hip-hop?

Parris Goebel: The biggest challenge is the language difference, when doing K-pop choreography. The main difference for Korean dance is the production elements behind the work.

KpopStarz: How have your experiences as a Polynesian woman influenced your choreography?

Parris Goebel: The culture and my upbringing in a Polynesian family have influenced my style of dance.

KpopStarz: Do you like K-pop? If so, who are some of your favorite artists? Would you like to work with any other K-pop artists in the future? 

Parris Goebel: I obviously like K-pop. That is why I choose to work with the artists. I am happy to continue working with YG Entertainment.

KpopStarz: What are some of your upcoming projects? Would you like to appear in another movie?

Parris Goebel: I am starting to work with the upcoming Janet Jackson world tour. I have some very exciting projects coming up. I am also open to appearing in another movie if the opportunity presents itself.

In addition to the Janet Jackson's Unbreakable World Tour, Parris Goebel recently completed a European choreography tour and is preparing to compete in the upcoming World Hip Hop Championships. 

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