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Review: Risso's Electro-Funk Hits A High Point On '5 Hours' From Her New EP 'Tra La La' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | June 11, 2015 07:17 PM EDT


There is a sound at the beginning of "5 Hours," the fourth song on the "Tra La La," EP released Thursday by South Korean electronic artist Risso, that appears to be someone pressing play on an old tape machine.

If you are lucky enough to have pressed play on "5 Hours," you would be well advised to kick back and enjoy the ride. More than just the highlight of "Tra La La," a solid album in its entirety, "5 Hours" is a song worth adding to any summer playlist for it's fresh sound and funky vibe.

Melding the most enticing sounds of '70s Southern California funk with Korea's most cutting edge current electro talent, Risso finds a sound both strikingly unique and satisfyingly organic.

And we're not talking about organic produce here.

While EDM artists around the world seem to all too often get lost in the same monotonous dance beat we've all heard a million times before, becoming something sterile and cold, Risso makes this song something you experience in your gut.

The production is impressively stripped down on "5 Hours," with Risso's dry vocal take showing just how formidable a vocal talent she is.

If you heard "5 Hours" played at the proper booming volume on a solid sound system, you may be too busy to dancing to admire what a bold statement it is in the era of Auto-Tune and over-processed digital pop to release such an non-watered down version of your talent on record.

It is Risso's willingness to throw out the rulebook that plagues both K-pop acts and pop performers around the world and go for a sound that is her own singular offering to the world, that makes "5 Hours" have a far more powerful affect than just the sum of its influences.

Listen to the song "5 Hours" from the album "Tra La La," released Wednesday by South Korean electronic artist Risso RIGHT HERE

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