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SISTAR19 Paves the Way to Success for Stagnant Idol Group Industry?

By Staff Reporter | February 20, 2013 08:41 AM EST


There was a time when everything was possible if you were an idol star. No matter how many solo singers were released, they could never beat the idol groups. The large groups of idols and their huge fan base was no competition against other non-idol artists. It was literally the 'Idol Generation'.

After about 2-3 years later today in 2013, it seems that not everything is possible for idol stars. Now, idols are left to either survive or be forgotten. This started around last year when around 100 or so idol groups made their debut. With so many idol groups coming out at once, it was hard to see many of these groups become successful.

What would these idols have to do in order to stay in the game? We are able to find the solution in older idol groups such as SISTAR.

SISTAR debuted in 2010 with their debut song, "Push Push." Although they were very talented with many skills, they were just one of the idol groups among the many that debuted around that time. However, later that year, they allowed themselves to be more open with the public through their next few songs. 

They were able to really get their name known in 2011 when they debuted their unit group, SISTAR19. This group consisted of two of the members, Hyorin and Bora. Their song, "Ma Boy" made a huge hit and the name SISTAR rose to the top.

SISTAR19's debut helped their group's first album, So Cool, to hit the top of charts and hold successful album sales. SISTAR19 also released their second album last month and is once again taking over the charts.

It can be seen that SISTAR's success was through their unit group, SISTAR19. They also became known for their healthy body image as well, which was different from other girl idol groups.

It may be because of SISTAR's unit group that many other idol groups are now coming out with unit groups as well.

Among them would be Super Junior M, INFINITE H, 2Yoon and more.

Many are curious to see if any of these new idol unit groups will become the next SISTAR19.

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