2PM Are Fairy Tale Heartthrobs In 'Our House' Music Video

2PM have released their fantasy-esque music video for "Our House." The video was released on June 15 at midnight KST through JYP Entertainment's official YouTube.

"Our House" combines elements of different fairy tales, giving the music video a far different vibe than the previous house-based teaser photos released earlier. While the teaser photos showcased members Jun.K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung lounging comfortably around a house, the video instead depicts a beautiful mansion that sets the stage for the visually stunning music video.

The main actress serves the role of a Cinderella-like character, running from 2PM's mansion as the clock strikes midnight. The members of 2PM, on the other hand, seem to play the part of different fairy tale villains. Wooyoung tempts the girl with an apple like the witch in Snow White; Chansung hand on her wrist turns into the Beast's paw; and Taecyeon personifies the Big Bad Wolf with his icy blue contact and furry shall.

In addition to the video, 2PM also announced a special "YouTube Music Video Views Event" on their Facebook. If fans exceed 3 million views the dance practice video will be released and if they exceed 5 million views then they will receive a special dance practice video.

No.5, 2PM's fifth full album, was also released along with the video.

Check it out 2PM's take on fairy tale romance here:

our house


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