Former KARA Member Nicole Talks About The Burden Of Promoting As A Solo Artist

Former KARA member Nicole Jung revealed that after being part of a group, promoting as a solo artist is not easy. 

During her interview with Japanese media outlet Oricon Style on Wednesday, June 17, Nicole revealed the complexities of not being in a group. "I’m filled with anticipation and joy," said Nicole, as reported by Koreaboo.

The singer recently performed at the inaugural KCON Japan earlier this year, and said she was worried that her fans had forgotten about her. "Honestly, I was really anxious to take the stage last April during ‘KCON 2015 Japan’ for my solo promotions. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Japan, I worry that I’ve been forgotten."

Much to her relief, they did not. "When I was first performing as a soloist, I gained courage hearing my name," she explained.

Nicole admitted that she has to work twice as hard to succeed now that she is no longer part of a group. "I was always a part of a group, so it was hard for me to sing and dance alone."

Nicole is currently preparing for a June 24 comeback in Japan where she will release her first Japanese-language solo single titled "Something Special,"  as well as a B-side single titled "Fantasy."

Nicole left KARA and the record label DSP Media back in January of 2014. She released her first solo single, "MAMA," in November of that year.  She is currently signed under B2M Entertainment.

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