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K-Pop Throwback: Revisit The 2013 Collaboration Between BT And Former S.E.S. Vocalist Bada 'City Life' Featuring Fractal [VIDEO]

By Rehnuma Majid | June 18, 2015 09:46 PM EDT


Brian Wayne Transeau, otherwise known as "BT," is a revolutionary American music producer known for his unique work done in the field of trance and electronic dance music (EDM). Bada is the former leader of the now disbanded South Korean pop group, "S.E.S".

So how did two people from complete opposite sides of the world and contrasting musical talents end up working together?

The answer is BT's unique ear for music. The man doesn't just create beats, but produces, composes and pushes the boundaries of editing with his knowledge of classical instruments and various worldly music types.

It's this wide array of talent that led BT to produce the track, "City Life" on his ninth studio album "A Song Across Wires." Released in 2013, "City Life" (which also features electronic artist Fractal) is a space age slow jam in which BT uses his creative production techniques to highlight Bada's unique vocal style.

The beginning of the song builds up an atmospheric soundscape with Bada's crooning. Her voice sounds generic at first, the vocals could have been borrowed from anyone. But as "City Life" builds, you cannot deny that the talent of the former pop star turned solo headliner.

BT then starts creating a continuous rhythmic loop which persists throughout the entire song.

The constant nature of this rhythm makes the song feel organized and well-thought-out. The loop has a fresh sound due to the intermittent nature of the beat; the rhythm fades in and out, augmenting the power of Bada's voice.

This particular use of rhythm is actually known as the "stutter edit" and BT is credited for spearheading and continually reinventing its use in his music. The fragmented quality of the editing in this song has a way of drawing you into the song and tuning in to each individual component of the soundscape.

BT builds the beat around when actual words are being spoken, so Bada's voice isn't muffled or hidden behind the atmospheric sounds created in the beginning.

It is with this subtle sound work, that BT keeps a minimalist track that clocks in at nearly 10 minutes from becoming monotonous.

Then Bada brings it home.

Listen to BT's "City Life" featuring Bada and Fractal RIGHT HERE

Rehnuma Majid is a writer, artist, radio DJ, events promoter, and avid rock climber. Culture, advocacy, and pie are her passions.

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