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SM Entertainment Teases EXO Fans With Rewards For Growing Number Of 'Love Me Right' Views

By Samantha Marie Lifson | June 18, 2015 01:02 PM EDT


EXO-L's have done it again!

After "Love Me Right" reached 12 million views, SM Entertainment unveiled another special "Love Me Right" unreleased clip on June 18. This time the special video shows members Baekhyun and Lay who alternate between being excitedly celebrating with their EXO teammates and looking beat up and pensively away from the camera. Fans can check out Baekhyun and Lay's clip below:

Only a week ago, EXO-L's were gifted with Suho and D.O's clip after reaching 10 million views. Thus far, fans have achieved four special clips for hitting 7 million views, 9 million views, 10 million views, and 12 million views. This is an incredible demonstration of fan support since "Love Me Right" has been out for less than a month.

Now that all nine active members have been revealed in a special clip, fans are eager to see what the reward for reaching 15 million views will be. The original description of the "'Love Me Right' MV EVENT" has a mysterious "To be updated" listed next to the 15 million and 20 million marks, leaving fans even more curious of what the prizes will be.

"Guess what will be the unreleased content for 15M view mission?! Here are some hints #EXO #eyecontact #pitapat And the unreleased content for 20M view mission will be?! #thevideo #thatEXOLlongfor #LOVEMERIGHT," SM Entertainment teased in the description of Baekhyun and Lay's video.

Since fans have managed to reach over 12 million views in two and a half weeks, it is only a matter of time until the secretive 15 million video is revealed.

EXO is currently promoting "Love Me Right" from their repackaged second full album of the same name.

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