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G-Dragon Expresses Worry Over Approaching Mandatory Military Enlistment

By Samantha Marie Lifson | June 19, 2015 11:38 AM EDT


Big Bang's G-dragon shared his thoughts and fears on military enlistment during his June 18 interview on JTBC's News Room.

Fans dread the day when their favorite idols must enter into the military and try not to think about it until it happens. Respected news anchor Son Suk Hee, on the other hand, asked G-Dragon directly about when he will be enlisting. "I'll go when I go," G-Dragon replied sincerely according to Newsen.

To this reply, Son Suk Hee made one request to G-Dragon. "I hope you don't lose your sense of talent after you finish military service."

"That's my biggest fear," G-Dragon surprised fans with his honesty and openness about his worries. Still, the leader of Big Bang's confidence and determination stayed strong as he stated that he would not lose his talent.

Military conscription for South Korean males is mandatory and must be fulfilled between the ages of 18 and 35. Conscription for the army includes a five week basic training period and continues for 21 months as an active-duty soldier.

G-Dragon and Son Suk Hee discussed a number of topics including Big Bang's current success and G-Dragon's 'PEACEMINUSONE' exhibit at the Seoul Museum of Art. Their interview is currently a topic of conversation for G-Dragon's honest expression of his opinions on what differentiates Big Bang from other groups like SHINee and EXO.

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