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BTS Are Voices Of Youth As Group Talks About Their Red Bullet World Tour With Malaysian Media

By iReporter Team | June 27, 2015 10:57 AM EDT


On their recent visit to Kuala Lumpur for their world tour, The Red Bullet Tour: Episode II, BTS (Bangtan Boys) met with local media to discuss their recent work, musical evolution, and concert tour.

The Best Moment in Life Pt. 1

In reference to their latest album, "The Best Moment in Life Pt 1," Rap Monster said the album differed from the group's previous releases, particuarly the title track "I Need U." Still maintaining 'youth' as the main theme, this album portrayed various emotions from anxiety to day-dreaming.

The compositions of the songs on the album were not just concentrated on the beautiful and healthy side of youth, but also tackled the dangerous and nervousness of being young. It's a combination of both the bright and dark sides of growing up.

Jimin also added, in this album making process, starting from composition, and moving into recording and promotions, the member that fit the concept of this album best was Suga.

Successful comeback through 'I Need U'

Minutes after releasing "I Need U," the song topped many of the real time music charts in South Korea. Despite the quick success, Jimin stated that there was wariness clouding them prior performing the song. However, once they were on stage and performed it in front of fans, their sudden worry turned into a happy moment.

BTS also nabbed several music show wins with the comeback, which they said fulfilled one of the group's biggest goals. When asked about future goals for the group, Jin happily stated that whatever that they have achieved in the past two years, was all because of their fans. In the future, the group would like to meet all of their fans in a larger venues around the world.

Beyond the concepts

Since the beginning, BTS has been noted for their powerful image on stage. Since their music is primarily focused on the challenges of being young, the members admited that their own teenage experiences inspired some of the song concepts.

J-Hope added that there is a lot of prejudice in this world, especially surrounding the lives of teenagers, and that the group hopes their music would tackle some of the grittier parts.

Suga further added that it will be amazing to have the opportunity to go beyond the musical concept that they have produced so far. He did say that the members were still discussing details for upcoming projects. Fans will just have to wait and see what the group comes up with next.

Strong choreography

From the very beginning, BTS's choreography has been labeled some of the toughest routines among K-pop artists. When asked about the stamina needed to pull off these complicated dance numbers, Jin admitted that working out and staying in shape prior to learning a new routines is essential. The vigorous dancing then acts as a substitute for regular workouts while the group tries to solidify their performance. 

On what its like to be a member of BTS

Suga and J-Hope humbly praised the support of the group's fans. According to them, there would be no BTS without the fans. For two amazing years, they have been able to step into new territory, explore the world, and hold concerts and they graciously thanked their fans for making it all possible.

As for the struggles and challenges of being in one of the most competitive industries in the world, V said when they were first starting out, for one of their first performances on stage, they were unsure of which camera to look at. He added that now, after hard work and lots of practice, being on stage is comfortable and feels natural.

When they were asked on which BTS members have improved the most since debut, the guys were not shy about expressing their opinions. Jimin was chosen by V and Rap Monster because he has become cooler. J-Hope selected Jungkook because as the youngest in the group, Jungkook has matured from a boy into a fine young man. He also improved his skills through composing. Jin, however, thought of J-Hope. Compared to the days when they were just trainees, he said, J-Hope has opened up and has become more cheerful and outgoing.

BTS continues their Red Bullet world tour and will be making stops in the United States this July.

Special thank you to IME Productions for the media invitation.

Writer: Amal A  Picture credit: TNT

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