Lee Joon Discusses The Past, Present And Future Of His Acting Career In Elle Interview

Former MBLAQ member and actor Lee Joon had a classy black-and-white pictorial in the June issue of Elle. The handsome celebrity modeled suits and casual slacks while trying to show a different, serious persona.

During the accompanying interview, the rising star gave a candid account about his past, present and future. Lee recalled when he first met superstar Rain while he was a dance major at Korea National University of Art and Dance. The chance meeting led to an audition for the American film Ninja Assassin, where Lee tried out for the role of Rain's younger self.

He stated, "I did not know English but my pronunciation was good. So I think they realized that if I received a grinding education [on the English language] that it would be possible [to take on the role]."

He also revealed what he believes makes a successful actor. He explained, "I'm not sure what acting is exactly. I think that an actor who can portray his genuine emotions to the public is a good actor."

Finally, Lee finished the interview by revealing his future career plans. He confessed, "I've always had a lot of ambition but after Heard It Through the Grapevine [the SBS drama], I want to do even better. I, at least, don't want to be delayed by setbacks."


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