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Review: Teen Top Turn The Spotlight Towards Their Rapping On Their Breezy New Single 'ah-ah' [VIDEO]

By Staff Writer | June 24, 2015 06:31 PM EDT


With a jazzy, yet electronic sound, Teen Top's new single "ah-ah," from the K-pop boy band's latest album "Natural Born" released on Monday, is a sweet summer tune with surprisingly aggressive rapping.

Like earlier Teen Top material "ah-ah," or as its known by its Korean title "From Morning Until Morning," is a funky dance song that plays with both R&B and dance pop elements. But it's the emphasis on rap that makes "ah-ah" a standout from the group's standard sound.

Since debuting 2010 with the agressive dance song "Clap," Teen Top has explored a variety of genres, from dance to R&B, from EDM to disco. "ah-ah" is an amalgamation of all of these styles, offering something truly unique.

The song starts off light and sweet with a building instrumental that leads into Changjo's airy intro verse, before introducing agressive raps Teen Top rappers C.A.P and L.Joe.

While Teen Top have always made the most of their rappers, "ah-ah" is the group's first single that places the focus of the song around the rapping, a sign of the growing influence of hip-hop on K-pop dance music.

Composed by producers Rado and Choi Kyu Sung, better known as the production team Black Eyed Pilseung (who have written songs for SISTAR and Park Bo Ram) "ah-ah" is clearly a summer dance song. The with the group dancing on brightly colored sets only confirms that fact.

By mixing the sweet and the forceful in the form of lyrical singing and hard-edged rap Teen Top have given their listeners the best of both worlds.

Watch the music video for Teen Top's new single "ah-ah" RIGHT HERE

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