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Review: Pump Yourself Up With Hip-Hop Boy Band BTS's Latest Single 'Dope' [VIDEO]

By Staff Writer | June 24, 2015 06:07 PM EDT


K-pop hip hop boy band BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) are back, with their latest single "Dope," the music video for which was released on Tuesday.

The bombastic song, utilizing Middle Eastern horns as the backing track, is the perfect attack on laziness.

"Dope" was originally in April on BTS's EP "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1," but the group on Tuesday, the group re-launched it as a single.

"Dope" begins and ends in a way that is unusual for K-pop songs, appropriate for a group that is making its way in Hallyu circles as an aggressive hip-hop act rather than deploying the restrained cuteness typically associated with Korean pop idols.

Since debuting in 2013 with the album "2 Cool 4 Skool," BTS has often sung about empowerment and coming out on top in the rat race of life. "Dope" is the 2015 embodiment of that very same message.

The song begins with BTS member Rap Monster talking directly to the listener, asking if this is their first encounter with BTS. Suddenly, the thunderous beat begins.

BTS's brazen bragging on the mic, calling out others for spending time partying while they work hard, is loud and argumentative, but a subtle horn sound makes "Dope" unique from BTS's repertoire of ferocious, dance tracks. That same squealing horn remains throughout the song, somehow becoming the final critical piece of the puzzle on "Dope," tying together the song's multitude of irregular sounds.

Along with the unique intro, ending and horns, "Dope" utilizes heavy beats, rhythmic drums and vocal doubling, allowing for a highly dynamic style.

But the highlight of "Dope" is a powerful, bass-thumping chorus on which BTS can show off their dance skills. They are still a boy band, after all.

Watch the music video for BTS's new single "Dope" RIGHT HERE

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