G-Dragon's Annual Earnings From Song Royalties Add Up To An Impressive Sum

The annual revenue that G-Dragon, the leader of K-pop act Big Bang, earns in royalties is over $700,000 USD according to a Korean television program.

On June 24, SBS's "Midnight TV Entertainment" discussed Big Bang and revealed that it is estimated that G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Young) earns 790 million won annually in revenue from royalties of the music that he's created throughout his career. G-dragon has created multiple tracks during his career as a soloist and has worked on many Big Bang songs.

The estimate means that G-Dragon earns nearly $710,800 USD from his previous works alone, even as he earns income from various other projects.

G-Dragon began his career as a formal music producer in 2006 on multiple Big Bang songs, including "We Belong Together" and "La La La." The next year, G-Dragon began working on more of Big Bang's songs, including the group's title song "Last Farewell." 

As of Thursday, the Korea Music Copyright Association lists at least 147 songs under G-Dragon's name. The most recent song additions are songs released by Big Bang in May and June, the four singles "Bae Bae," "Loser," "We Like 2 Party," and "Bang Bang Bang."

In comparison, the average annual salary in South Korea is around 61 million Korean Won, or a little less than $55,000 USD. 

Big Bang is poised to release two new singles on July 1; it is unknown what G-Dragon's role in creating the songs are. 


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