'Fell Out of TVXQ...' JYJ Fans Become Angry! [Video]

The broadcast comment of group JYJ during president Park Geun Hye's inauguration is becoming an issue.

Today, Channel A aired the inauguration event of president Park Geun Hye held in Yeo Ee Do of Seoul.

During the event, when JYJ went on stage for a special performance. But as they were going up, the male and female announcers said, "This group is named JYJ. You don't know that well, huh? This group is the group that fell out of TVXQ before."

And in the middle of the performance, the male announcer said, "Something's a bit awkward. There has to be good lighting too," and the female announcer said, "It's because it's outside and our main focus today is the inauguration, so it's much different from being at a concert."

The male announcer also said, "Compared to seeing them under stage lighting, this looks like singing at a karaoke," and he continued to make rude comments such as "When this song is over, Psy is coming out." The female announcer tried to ease his tone by saying, "Even though it was a bit hectic today, I think it is very meaningful that JYJ went on stage."

But after watching this, many fans of JYJ were angered. Many fans posted on their Twitter, "Channel A must apologize to JYJ. Is broadcasting a joke? I was very uncomfortable at the things you said" and "That went too far. Do you know what it takes to prepare for a world tour? Those things are not things to be said to artists who practice shedding tears and sweat."

On this day, JYJ performed 'EMPTY,' 'I Know,' and "Oh! Salute Korea.'

Photo Credit: Channel A



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