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‘Naruto’ Chapter 710 Spoilers, Predictions And 709 Summary: Spin-Off Rumored To End This Week?

By Byron Cayetano | June 29, 2015 09:21 PM EDT


It's the time of the week again and for fans looking for "Naruto" chapter 710 spoilers and predictions, read on.

Finally, Sasuke and Naruto finally arrived at Shin's hideout to save Sakura. Also, Sarada was able to showcase some of her powers and she looks powerful by dealing a massive attack to multiple clones of Shin. However, all good things must come to an end as the series is rumored to end at chapter 10.

According to Manga Fruit, "I had hope that Naruto would show off some cool stuff but doesn't seem likely. Looks like the Gaiden will end at chapter 10 as people had said."

Meanwhile, here's the summary of "Naruto chapter 709 courtesy of "Naruto wikia."

"Shin creates a makeshift arm out of scalpels and prepares to engage Sakura in battle. Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada, and Chōchō fly to Shin's location in Sasuke's Susanoo. As they arrive, Sasuke was able to intercept the large shuriken Shi n threw at Sakura using the Susanoo Sword. Sasuke then crushes Shin's bones, removes the scalpels from Sakura's arm, and burns them with Amaterasu while Sarada smiles with delight that there is love between husband and wife."

"Something unexpected happened as Shin's clones stab him with their kunai. The clones says Shin is a weak copy and an army of Shin clones appears and starts fighting Naruto and Sasuke. While his enemies are distracted, Shin attempts to warp away from the battlefield and take the girls with him using his creature. However, Sarada intervenes and kills the creature with a single punch. More clones of Shin arrive and Naruto suggests they retreat. Sakura tells Sarada to stand back, but Sarada instead charges at the clone army and launches a lethal attack."

The official chapter will be out on Thursday, July 2. "Naruto" chapter 710 spoilers will be out in and this page will be updated once the spoilers and raw photos are out.

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