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English Actress Olivia Hussey Tweets Love For Block B, Shares Photo Of Girl's Day Member Minah

By Samantha Marie Lifson | July 01, 2015 08:49 AM EDT


Actress Olivia Hussey has been active in the K-pop scene this past week.

The actress, most famously known as Juliet in the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet, has been paid tribute in the Korean music scene a couple of times now. Last year, Block B's Zico included her name in the group's summer hit "Her" when he rapped, "My Olivia Hussey/You have skills but you're not pretentious." Recently, Girl's Day's Minah embraced Hussey's Juliet look for her "Ring My Bell" teaser photo.

These tributes were brought to Hussey's attention via social media. On June 26, Hussey re-posted Minah's Juliet-esque concept photo to her own Instagram. "Just saw this what a nice compliment! #music #compliment #instagood!" Hussey captioned the image.

Minah saw the Instagram post, as well, and shared her thanks to the actress as she asked, "Are you really Olivia Hussey? You are soooooo beautiful!"


Additionally, the actress shared Block B's "Her" to her Twitter on June 28 after a fan brought the song to her attention. She replied back to the fan expressing her love of the song and praising Block B's talents.

Fans expressed their excitement over the acknowledgement, saying:

"Minah's so cute - praised by Olivia Hussey, what an honor," "Who knew Juliet would like them," and "Does she have a growing interest in Korea? I hope so, I'd be grateful if she did."

Hussey did not stop there, however. On June 30 she shared an image of Girl's Day's "Ring My Bell" group teaser. "Dear Minah wishing you much success with your new album," she wrote.

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