2NE1's Dara Shows Off Younger Brother Thunder's Geeky New Look

2NE1 member Dara presented to the world the adorably geeky new look that her idol brother Park Sang Hyun has been sporting lately.

In her July 6 post, Dara shared a selfie she took with her little bro with the latter wearing a blue blazer, crisp white shirt, and large metal-rimmed glasses reminiscent of the famous Harry Potter character.

Sang Hyun, who also uses the stage name Thunder, also styled his hair with boyish bangs to give an overall effect of a handsome geek.

Dara posted the photo along with a "Good morning" greetings to her millions of followers on Instagram.

Fans noted Thunder's change of style, how he can pull off the new look, and how gorgeous he and his sister looked together.

"Oh my god! Thunder, why're you so handsome?" "Both of you are so cute," and "I love to see your sibling updates <3" said fans.

In March, Dara and Thunder also wowed their fans by appearing together as a stunning duo at the KYE fashion show.

Dara is currently melting hearts as the female lead in the ongoing web drama We Broke Up opposite WINNER member Kang Seungyoon.

Meanwhile, Thunder is looking to focus on acting after leaving the idol group MBLAQ, and has stepped up his communication with fans by opening his own Instagram account.


Mickey is a writer and digital content creator based in Manila. He is a co-founder of ZAVI App and editor of the small business blog IndieMickey. He has also been bitten by the K-pop fashion bug - catch his outfitgrids on Instagram @mickjami.



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