K-Pop Crossover: Berklee College Of Music Nurtures Another K-Pop Act With Highbrow Featuring Davichi [VIDEO]

Berklee College of Music has seen several K-pop talents pass through its doors, and the latest sensation could be the duo Highbrow.

Comprised of members Josh Lee and Chris Kim, the duo released a single titled "The Mind" on Monday featuring the ladies of Davichi.

"The sound and arrangement of Highbrow's songs are fresh and I really like their vocal tones," said Davichi's Lee HaeRi according to K-pop Herald. "I decided to collaborate with the rookie group because of the song's great quality."

While both Lee and Kim are attending Boston's Berklee College of Music, they are not the only Korean artists to join the prestigious institution.

One such name is rapper behind K-pop's biggest international hit to date-Psy.

Psy attended Berklee College Music after dropping out of Boston University to pursue his passion in music. According to Boston.com, Psy took courses like ear training and harmony, as well as music synthesis and production.

"He apparently didn't study all that hard," said Berklee's president Roger J. Brown according to Soompi.

"That's part of the secret at Berklee. A lot of the learning happens in the classroom, but a lot of the learning happens outside the classroom. The exposure of a Korean musician meeting a musician from Brazil, meeting a musician from Egypt, and that's when people get big ideas. So I think, even though Psy wasn't doing his homework, I think in a way he was doing the work it took to become the artist he is."

Coincidentally, Psy's labelmate Park Bom of 2NE1 also studied music at Berklee, even doing so without her parents knowing due them reportedly disallowing her to pursue a career as a singer.

Last year, "Voice Korea" winner Son Seung Yeon decided to study at Berklee as well, joining the ranks of other K-pop alums.

"Son Seung Yeon will be attending the Berklee College of Music at the end of August," said an official statement from her agency, according to allKpop. "She will be taking a break until next January/February until she completes a semester."

Meanwhile, Highbrow is slated to released their self-composed EP on Aug. 7.

Check out "The Mind" featuring Davichi below:



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