Martial Arts Movie ‘Flowers of the Night’ Wins Grand Prize at iCannes International Film Festival

Director Jennifer Linch's martial arts film "Flowers of the Night" won the Grand Prize at the iCannes International Film Festival

"It is 4 in the morning," Jennifer Linch wrote on her Facebook page.

"I just got back from Beverly Hills from iCannes International Film Festival. We won the GRAND PRICE . It was an extremely emotional moment for me . Will share with you soon but here is the clip of me treating my cast and crew for the after party . It also was the best birthday ever."

"Flowers of the Night" is a "comic book" style, high octane action movie about assassins, revenge and heartbreak," according to the iCannes International Film Festival official site.

"Flowers of the Night" is darker than Linch's earlier marital arts comedies. "Flowers of The Night" is a dark action film that mixes exotic beauty and bloody violence.

Jennifer Linch, the youngest female director of martial arts films in Hollywood, is also a writer, producer, actress, editor, director of photography and singer. Linch, who has 7 years of martial arts training, performs her own stunts. Her cinematic style is identified with Korean action films. She cites Korean comedies as a major influence.

"Flowers of the Night" co-stars Tim Neff, who is also featured in the live action web series "Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope." Neff also served as the fight choreographer. The film also features Sunshine Pictures manager and actress/model Morgan Macedo.

According to the official synopsis: "Three female assassins on a bloody rampage to obtain revenge against an enormously powerful criminal syndicate have located their final target that stands between them and retribution.

"Lily, Nightshade and Azalea deftly infiltrate the regal mansion where their target, Matthew Thompson, is hiding, effortlessly executing anyone who stands in their way. As the guards fall one by one the assassins get closer to reaching their goal, but Matthew Thompson will not die easily. Beautiful, brutal and deadly, the flowers of the night will have their vengeance or die trying."

Jennifer Linch directed "Malevolence," "The Dream," "Forbidden Forest," and "Flowers of The Night." She also sang the song "Come To Me Lullaby," for the soundtrack for her film "The Dream."

The iCannes International Film Festival "strives to mentor up-and-coming filmmakers," according to their official website.

"We provide social media coverage, distribution opportunity, along with excellent resources and networking opportunities for film-industry professionals.

"The winning film will be highlighted through our social media exposure granting international media coverage. Furthermore, the winner will receive a $500 cash prize. All competing films will remain in our film library for private viewing by buyers for three months after," continues the site.

The principal objective of the iCannes International Film Festival is to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of cinema through a mentorship-based program. Our mandate is to present the most outstanding short films produced in every part of the world. Films are selected on the basis of quality and originality. We accept all short films, old or new. The Festival also promotes contacts between industry professionals to assist in the development of the up-and-coming filmmakers. We pride ourselves on being connectors and guiding our mentees to achieve success

You can watch the trailer for Jennifer Linch's "Flowers of the Night here:

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