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Block B Zico Adds Color to Rookie Group D-UNIT’s Newest Album, 'Powerful Composition'

By Staff Reporter | March 04, 2013 12:33 AM EST


Block B’s leader Zico shows that even amid legal disputes with their management life goes on.  Zico is a well-respected songwriter/composer in the Kpop music industry, and one of his creations is featured in rookie group D-UNIT’s newest album “Affirmative.” It has been previously reported that Zico got to produce the track due to his close friendship with D-UNIT's CEO as well as his confidence from experience having penned Block B's hits.

D-UNIT definitely is packing on all levels of interesting.  In this album, D-UNIT introduces a fourth member JNEY.  Originally intended to only bear 13 songs, the album ended up to be a two-part disc.  Block B Zico penned the title song for the first disc called "Talk to Me".  Block B Zico also sings in the track, giving it a really unique sound.

Comments from listeners were quite positive, both praising the choice of having a fourth member in the group, and also recognizing Zico’s talent in producing the girl group’s title song.  Looks like D-UNIT’s comeback stages will be even more anticipated due to the buzz around the album, and of course the upbeat and strong sound offered.

Watch the music video here!

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