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Super Junior To Release 'Devil' As SM Entertainment's 1st-Ever Music Video Rated 19+

By Staff Writer | July 13, 2015 01:37 PM EDT


SM Entertainment's popular boy band Super Junior announced that they will make history during a recent concert.

At the encore concert of Super Show 6 on July 11 in Seoul, Super Junior unveiled their latest song "Devil." "Devil" is a celebratory track for the group's tenth anniversary. Leader Leeteuk (Park Jung Soo) revealed that the music video for "Devil" will be the first in SM Entertainment's history to have a 19+ rating and that the group has high hopes for the tune.

"For the first time in SM history, the music video for 'Devil' will be rated 19+," said Leeteuk during the concert.

Leeteuk explained the group's longevity as the reason for the change from their usual family-friendly music videos.

"Since the fans have aged in the past ten years that were were working," he explained, "we thought that there will be no problem in filming a 19+ MV."

In South Korea, any show or music video given a 19+ rating cannot be aired on Korean television from 7-9 o'clock in the morning and from 1-10 o'clock in the evening.

Super Junior debuted in 2005 and their hit song "Sorry Sorry" in 2009 became one of their most iconic songs. During the encore, Leeteuk also expressed his wishes for "Devil" to replace "Sorry Sorry" as Super Junior's representative song.

"'Sorry Sorry' was the song that let the world know about Super Junior, but now it's time that our representative song changes," he said. "Super Junior's representative song will change to 'Devil.'"

During the concert, Super Junior performed "Devil" publicly for the first time, along with another new anniversary song. "Devil" will be released digitally on July 16.

"Devil" was created in collaboration with several creative directors, including The Stereotypes, who worked on songs performed by many top American artists including Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and the Far East Movement. SM Entertainment's in house songwriter Kenzie also worked on "Devil."

SM Entertainment also confirmed that several members of Super Junior worked on the group's latest songs.

The extended trailer for Super Junior's special album "Devil" was released on July 7 and viewed over 2 million times.


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