Yang Hong Suk Signs With CUBE Entertainment After Being Cut From iKON Lineup

Former YG Entertainment rookie Yang Hong Suk has reportedly switched agencies and signed a contract with Cube Entertainment.

Ilgan Sports revealed the news on July 15. According to their report, after his search for a new agency Yang Hong Suk found he fit well with Cube Entertainment over others. It is also said that Cube will be assisting with his future debut. "Yang Hong Suk has excellent talent. It was unfortunate that he was eliminated from 'Mix & Match' but it was due to his lack of experience. If he continues to practice and hone his skills he will do well in the music industry," one industry official shared.

Yang Hong Suk was previously a contestant on YG Entertainment's reality show Mix & Match, a competition program to select the members of iKON. Unfortunately he was one of the two members who did not make the group's final cut.

Back in March it was revealed that Yang Hong Seok left YG for personal reasons. Since fans had grown to adore him during Mix & Match, they have shared their excitement to see him return to the entertainment industry under a new company.

"It was such a waste for his visuals and talents to be eliminated, but he didn't fit iKON's image either," said one online commenter, as translated by Netizenbuzz. "He's going to be so popular when he debuts so I'm glad! Supporting you, hope to see you on TV soon!"

"A lot of trainees who leave YG seem to end up contracting with other companies," pointed out another fan online. "Wishing Yang Hong Suk luck at Cube!"

Fans have also noted that Cube Entertainment is the same company that Beast's Jang Hyun Seung, who was originally supposed to be in Big Bang but cut from the final lineup, is signed under. With Hyun Seung earning massive success as a member of Beast many are curious to see if Hong Suk will follow down the same path.

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