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BTS's New York Concert Abruptly Ends Due To Alleged Death Threat Against Rap Monster

By Adrienne Stanley | July 17, 2015 09:07 AM EDT


On July 16, BTS was forced to cut their New York City show short, due to reported death threats against member Rap Monster (Kim Nam Joon.)

The group abruptly concluded their sold-out concert with only one encore song, as fans anticipated their return to the stage for their latest hit single "Dope." The hasty conclusion appeared to be due to technical difficulties involving a projection screen behind the group. The members of BTS quickly departed from the stage and did not deliver parting messages to fans. However, it was later revealed that concert organizers were reportedly forced to halt the show, due to death threats delivered through Twitter.

A user, who has since disabled the Twitter account, posted a photo of a gun. The picture was accompanied by a disturbing message. "Just brought my gun," said the Twitter user. "It's about to go down. RIP Namjoon."

The Twitter post was accompanied by the event hashtag, #TRBinNYC.

Best Buy Theater officials allegedly contacted the user, via Twitter. "Are you at the BTS show in NYC?" questioned a Twitter user purporting to be an official for the venue. "This is the Best Buy venue management and we would like to talk to you. You are not in trouble."

The user who initially posted the threatening messages responded to the post from the alleged official, but stated that they were not even in the United States. "I live in the UK and I'm an ARMY [fan of BTS]," said the user. "Please stop sending me hate. I was hacked."

Unfortunately, the strength of the words included in the initial Twitter message paired with the image of a gun, forced organizers to abruptly conclude the concert. Fans who purchased Hi-Touch tickets, for the opportunity to high-five the members of the group after the show, were disappointed when this event was also canceled.

Rap Monster is at the center of controversy due to recent statements that were made, which many international Black K-pop fans found offensive. During a recent interview in Melbourne, he was asked by a reporter from Officially KMusic to describe his first impression of meeting his group mates. "I couldn't see them because they were too black," said Rap Monster. "When nights get dark, I couldn't find them."

The seemingly innocuous question led to a response that has left many Black K-pop fans of BTS and Rap Monster debating his statement, as well as, the overall nature of Colorism in Korea.

It should be noted that the Twitter user who allegedly delivered the death threats purported to be a Black woman in her photo, referencing the former Fugee's rapper, Lauryn Hill.

Meanwhile, fans who attended the show were forced to leave the theater. There was a strong presence of security and New York City Police Department officials on the scene. Audience members who questioned the method of conclusion were allegedly instructed to depart due to serious developments involving the members of BTS.

This latest event is unfortunate for New York City K-pop fans, who have peacefully enjoyed the recent influx of concerts. It also sets a disappointing precedent for audiences who will attend other performances on BTS's Red Bullet tour.

BTS will perform in Dallas on July 18, followed by a stop in Chicago on July 24 and will conclude their tour at Club Nokia, in Los Angeles on July 26.

The group members also posted several photos and videos, in what was likely an attempt to reach out to their disappointed fans.

KpopStarz has reached out to SubKulture Entertainment, the organizers for the BTS Red Bullet Tour in the U.S., for a statement regarding the events in New York City. Stay tuned for more updates as the story continues to develop.



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