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Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: BTS Fan Shriya Bajracharya Of Kathhmandu Hid Her Love Of K-Pop From Her Mother Because Of Cultural Misunderstandings

By Staff Writer | July 20, 2015 09:22 AM EDT


NAME: Shriya Bajracharya

AGE: 19

HOME: Kathmandu, Nepal

CURRENTLY: Studying IT Management at University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

INTRO TO K-POP: "I got into K-pop through the drama 'Boys Over Flowers.' I was in 8th grade, and I was able to watch only during the weekends. So when I had the chance, I watched it the entire weekend. It took me about two weeks to finish the whole drama, but later I watched it again! I think I have watched it more than six times by now. After that, I slowly got into K-Pop songs after I discovered SHINee's 'Lucifer.'"

CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS: "People in my country don't understand the gender roles when it comes to these idol groups. They seem to judge people on the basis of their appearance, rather than what they really are like. This upsets me a lot. My mom didn't like me getting into K-pop because she couldn't tell if I was watching a boy band or a girl group. For some time, I wasn't even able to listen to Korean songs when she was present and had to listen in secret. But once I was really into K-pop, even my mom couldn't stop me. Since then, my mom has supported me when it comes to anything related to K-pop. The only thing that she says now is, 'give yourself time to study first and put K-pop second so that you have balance in your life.' I feel really good about that. Now, if I talk to my mom on Skype she asks what show I'm watching and which idol I like."


WHY BTS: "My favorite K-Pop group is BTS and my favorite member is Park Jimin. I am a proud A.R.M.Y [fan of BTS]! I have been through a lot, and liked a lot of other K-pop groups since I became a part of this world but BTS has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. The reason why I like BTS is that they are solely a hip-hop group, which fits to my taste. Second, they rap really well. They create their own music for an album, which requires a lot of dedication and confidence. BTS have both of these traits without a doubt. Third, rather than focusing only on rap, BTS have good vocals and the ability to blend the vocals into the hip-hop songs is really, really attractive. Fourth, their choreography is out of this world. How can they put in the same effort and energy to each and every song that they perform? Plus, all of the members have their own individual charm, no one is copying another in any way."

FAVORITE SONG: "I like their recent song, 'I Need U.' Being a hip-hop group, I expected something funky from BTS but it was a surprise to me to be listening to a song that is, but isn't, hip-hop all at once."


WHY CHA TAEHYUN: "I actually don't have a favorite solo artist but, even though he is an actor now, I still feel his presence in the music world. My all time favorite actor-singer is Cha Taehyun. This all started after watching the show '2 Days 1 Night.' He is the cutest and most humorous actor, singer and father that I have ever seen. Sometimes I get really curious about what would happen if he was my father!"

FAVORITE SONG: "Well, his songs are a little old, but I've always liked 'Because I Love You' from the movie 'Speedy Scandal.' It's a really romantic song, which, in fact, was dedicated to his beloved wife. His voice is really soothing and his music taste is pretty good. But since he stopped singing and focused more on his acting career, it's a little sad. But I hope that someday he will be back with an album of his own."

KEEPING AN EYE ON: "Well, I guess since many people are familiar to the reality show 'Sixteen'featuring JYP Entertainment trainees, I feel that the members of upcoming girl group TWICE are pretty talented are are sure to rock after their debut. The members trained for so long and were able to show their singing, acting, and dancing talents through the survival show. They have a lot of potential that they will soon be showing to the world. I think fans should keep an eye on them."

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