Girls' Generation Becomes 1st K-Pop Group To Win 100 Weekly Music Show Awards

The first award came in 2007, and the hundredth came in 2015.

Since debuting in 2007, Girls' Generation grew to become one of South Korea's most beloved acts.Member Yuri gave the acceptance speech and revealed that it was was the one hundredth time that Girls' Generation won an award on a weekly music show.

With the award, Girls' Generation became South Korea's first group to win 100 weekly music show awards.

The members of Girls' Generation expressed their thanks in both Korean and Japanese, and member Yuri congratulated Girls' Generation's fans for achieving the accomplishment. Weekly music shows in Korea give out awards based on multiple categories, including digital and physical sales.

Girls' Generation's song "Party" received the award on the July 17 episode of KBS' "Music Bank," after garnering more points than Girl's Day's recent song, "Ring Ma Bell."

Members thanked fans on Instagram with a variety of different posts.

This is the fourth award for "Party" that Girls' Generation has won on weekly Korean music shows.

In comparison to other K-pop groups, Girls' Generation's one hundredth win comes as Big Bang holds 73 music show awards and EXO has 70.

Girls' Generation won their first weekly music show award on "M! Countdown" in October 2007, with the song "Into The New World."

The girl group debuted in 2007 under SM Entertainment. After a variety of success, Girls' Generation's "Gee" became one of the most iconic K-pop songs ever in 2009 and led to the group's rise to fame. Girls' Generation is one of Korea's most iconic girl groups ever.

Compare the differences between Girls' Generation during their first win and their hundredth win HERE:

First win

First win

Hundredth win


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