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K-Indie Spotlight: Kuang Program Take It Even Further Out On Their 2014 EP 'Flames, Dreams, Laughter' [AUDIO]

By Colin Langenus | July 21, 2015 04:48 PM EDT


In a country of over 50 million people, there's bound to be some weirdos.

Hell, I bet you in the human race, the percentage of weirdos is about the same in whatever country or area you are talking about. In this case, the type of weirdo I'm talking about is the "psychedelic experimental musician" type weirdo.

I gotta say, that's my favorite type of weirdo.

Seoul-based noise rock band Kuang Program has been creating their own brand of weird since 2012. The band consists of just two people. Half the time I don't know where they are coming from, what they are into or what they are trying to do. That is a big compliment!

On their last release, the four-song EP "Flames, Dreams, Laughter," released back in November, Kuang Program continue to drift farther and farther out into the abyss. The results are striking.

The band's music has evolved from the heavily guitar-oriented experimental rock songs of their early EPs, to what they are up to now, which is completely bonkers psychedelic rock noise. I don't want to spend too much time categorizing these guys, because from the sound of their musical evolution, they seem to wish to defy all catagories and create their own.

The title track is one great messed up jam. It starts off tribal and crazy, utilizing noisy effected electric guitar and repetive simple drumming, then gets downright satanic with sparsely robotic vocals and not much else. Then the drums and noise return and the jammers jam. It's a great one!

"Ambulance" actually has elements of normal music (barely) but retains the twisted vibe of the Kuang Program's brand. It's catchy and repetitive but tweaked with synth drones, noise, and a dope beat. It almost reminds me of some New York City underground acts like Sightings or Swans.

"Quick and Dead" has what is a pretty catchy melody for this band, especially if it wasn't so buried by distortion and hate. Though whoever and however they recorded this record is spot on. The sounds are all over the place, but always in the right place.

Maybe if Joy Division had kept playing, this is the direction they would have gone in.

Ah yes, I'm glad they chose to close out the EP with a tune like "November, March." It's long and completely out there, like Stevie Wonder on acid in a noise basement. You'll be singing along with the catchy melodic keyboard loop while fart sounds stink up the joint.

Sound familiar?

I've been at a million gigs like this in the States and these guys would fit right in. And they would be crushing it.

Listen to the title track of Kuang Program's latest record "Flames, Dreams, Laughter" RIGHT HERE

Colin Langenus is a guitarist and songwriter in several groups including Colin L. Orchestra, CSC Funk Band and Usaisamonster. He produces and engineers music at his recording studio in Brooklyn.

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