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Review: Let Saero Soothe Your Soul With 'Roller Coaster' From Her New EP 'Relax Your Mind' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | July 20, 2015 03:46 PM EDT


Google the phrase "relax your mind" and you'll be presented with a list of instructions.

"Take slow, deep breaths or try other breathing exercises for relaxation," reads the first suggestion, taken from the medical website WebMD.

"Soak in a warm bath," reads the second suggestion.

The third suggestion, "listen to soothing music," is the one that is the most interesting for our purposes here.

Because though the word "soothing" is a highly subjective term specific to each individual (Jimmy Buffet would be considered soothing by some, for example, while leaving others to head for the hills), it would be hard to make a compelling argument that you didn't feel more at ease after hearing "Roller Coaster," the new single, released Monday by South Korean singer and rapper Saero, from her new album (you guessed it), "Relax Your Mind."

With shades of "That's The Way Love Goes"-era Janet Jackson, Frank Ocean's channel Orange and the early work of Cibo Matto, this is no New Age relaxation tape here. There are no whale sounds or waterfalls.

But the intelligent pop sounds, along with the uniquely familiar vocalizations of Saero, make "Roller Coaster" dial in an irresistibly low-key vibe that you're going to want to experience more than once.

Like the surprising addition of a jamming vocoder hook that would make Dr. Dre and Daft Punk prick up their ears, the raw sounds that Saero and her production team are using are nothing new. The synthesizer sounds themselves have been used in a million lesser pop songs around the world.

It is the way they are put together and then unified with Saero's pleasantly emotive vocals that makes "Roller Coaster" a song that's worth listening to.

And while relaxation certainly isn't the only criteria for great music, if a song you personally like to listen to has it, it sure is a big plus for your mental health.

Listen to the new single "Roller Coaster" from South Korean R&B vocalist Saero's new album "Relax Your Mind" RIGHT HERE

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