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‘Final Fantasy 7’ PS4 Remake News: Tetsuya Nomura Breaks Misconceptions On New FF7 Game

By Byron Cayetano | July 22, 2015 09:36 PM EDT


Square Enix keeps on showing why they take pride on their "Final Fantasy" franchise, most especially, "Final Fantasy 7."

Tetsuya Nomura spoke with Famitsu to give more details about the upcoming game. If fans believe that they will see a "Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children" being translated to a game, the answer is wrong. In fact, the graphics and design of the characters will be so much better than the FF7 film.

"AC was made with technology from 10 years ago, and visually with how it was stylised and such it wouldn't fit in with the images for this game, so we're not using them," Nomura said. "We're at the level now where we can get the realism seen in the NPCs walking around town in the trailer without trouble, so that's why."

Also, fans should no longer expect a turn-based battle system as Nomura confirmed that the game's battle mechanics will be larger and more interactive.

"It has changed. I still can't give you any details, but the system feels more immersive," he said.

Also, it looks like there is a chance that some of the game's plot points will be tweaked but Nomura has yet to confirm that concern.

"You'll have to wait until next time for the details," Nomura said. "However, there aren't any new characters. The characters are all being done again this game, with the design being done by myself and Ferrari (*5). At the moment I'm in the middle of drawing President Shinra. The art style is more realistic to match with the visuals for this."

But he did admit that not everybody at Square Enix is open to the changes that are expected to arrive for the "Final Fantasy 7" PS4 remake.

"There certainly are some staff who put too much of a focus on the 'VII-ness' and are resistant to changing it. But that FFVII-ness isn't something you can easily point to and say 'that's it!' about, and it means different things for different people," he said. 

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