K-pop Review: Lee Hi First Album - 1집 - First Love Part 1, 'Released Too Soon?

I feel as though I got scammed JYP style with "Turn It Up." This song is so good and, as I'm sure everyone did, I thought if the intro is this good the album is going to be AMAZING. Not so much.

Score: 1/1

I am completely in love with "Special." It was written by Epik High's Tablo, and as expected it was perfection. It really reminded me of his songs "Bad" and "집 (Home)" which were beautiful (btw, Lee Hi could have easily featured for one of those song). From this album, "Special" is the only memorable song.

Score: 1/1

With "It's Over," YG really held tried to hold tight to the sound of "" and continue with that success, but with no such luck. "It's Over" started out well, but after 1:10, the song kept slipping in and out of the original beat. "It's Over" really missed the mark big time.

Score: .25/1

Its really obvious that YG/Lee Hi wanted to live up to her title as Korea's Adele with "1집 - First Love Part 1." While there was serious Adele channeling with song "짝사랑 (One Sided Love)" and "Dream" they weren't successful in recreating Adele greatness.

My problem with this album is that it came WAY too soon. Lee Hi just debuted, and though she has the perfect voice for this genre of music, its is not strong enough to carry her through her career. This half the album was boring side, and for the most part forgettable, and I wasn't in love. I am actually really curious about the second half, and whether this will continue for 4 more songs.

Other Scores:

짝사랑 (One Sided Love): .25/1

Dream: .5/1

Final Score: 3/5

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