Lee Joon To Star In Upcoming Remake Of Japanese Movie 'Key Of Life'

Actor and former MBLAQ singer Lee Joon has lined up his next film project. Agency Prain TPC said that Lee Joon will be appearing in Key Of Life, a remake of a Japanese movie about a down-and-out actor that assumes the identity of an assassin that loses his memories.

"Lee Joon is confirmed to appear in Key of Life," said agency Prain TPC over the weekend, according to Allkpop.

The remake will be directed by Lee Kye Byuk, Lee Joon will play the role of the actor desperate enough to switch lives with the assassin.

Lee Joon left MBLAQ in order to focus on acting projects, and he has been trying to improve his skills by observing and talking with veteran actors.

"I learned a lot from the senior actors. I also made friends Chun Woo Hee," said Lee Joon in a previous interview which will appear in his feature for the August issue of GQ.

He had also acknowledged that despite his growing list of acting credits on both television and film, he still feels he has much catching up to do.

"I want to walk together with actors that are near my age. Even if I'm late, I want to just be able to chase after them without being lagged behind," said Lee Joon.


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