2NE1's 'Come Back Home' Director Speaks Up On Controversy With Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

Amidst the controversy of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video allegedly plagiarizing 2NE1's "Come Back Home," another party has stepped up to discuss her thoughts on the matter.

On July 29, SBS's One Night of TV Entertainment brought on direction Shin Dong Geul to share her thoughts on the issue. Shin shared that she doesn't think the video is plagiarism at all. "Although the angles are similar, I don't think it is plagiarism," Shin commented according to a report by MyDaily. "We also used content that has been in Hollywood science fiction movies. Instead of plagiarizing, I think it is just like watching similar movies."

It seems like Shin shares the similar opinions to Joseph Kahn, director of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood." On July 22, the "Bad Blood" director took to Twitter to vent his frustrations over the accusations of plagiarism.

Additionally, Shin Dong Geul went as far as to email Kahn personally and apologize on behalf of the fans of her video. Kahn posted a screenshot of her email to his personal Twitter with her permission. "If that's plagiarism, no music video, especially K-pop music videos, will survive the logic," Shin's email read. She also expressed her enjoyment of Kahn's "Bad Blood" video as a fan. With both parties reaching out to each other directly, it seems like the controversy can finally come to a peaceful end.

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