Hotshot Hold 2nd Fan Meeting And Live Concert In Japan With 800 Fans

K-pop boy band Hotshot held their second fan meeting and live concert at the Quattro Club located in Shibuya, Japan this past Sunday and met with 800 fans.

They opened the event with their song, “I’m a Hotshot” which was released last month. They continued to perform other songs released earlier this year including, “Am I Hotshot?,” “Watch Out,” “Rain on Me,” “Take A Shot” and “Midnight Sun and revealed both their ‘lovely boy’ and manly image.

Hot Shot also prepared unit and solo performances to reveal a more dynamic event for their fans.

As this was a live concert and fan meeting, they also had a raffle event where lucky fans could win some of the member’s items.

Although the group has not officially debuted in Japan, they have continued to receive much attention from fans.

Their song, “I’m a Hotshot,” was written by famous producer Shin Hyuk, who also worked with EXO and Justin Bieber.

“We want to thank all our fans that came out to support us despite the hot weather,” read a statement from Hot Shot posted Monday to the Korean news website OSEN. “Please continue to love and keep an eye out for us!”

Aside from Japan, Hot Shot has been popular in Korea as well and have held several fan sign events and promotions.

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