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Kris Responds To SM Entertainment Lawsuit Against His Work In China

By Samantha Marie Lifson | August 04, 2015 03:16 PM EDT


Former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) has released his own statement in response to SM Entertainment's suit against him and the Chinese agencies who have hired him within the last year and filed filed on July 27.

On July 31, Wu Yi Fan's personal studio revealed the response through their official Chinese social media account, Weibo.

"January 13, 2008 Kris came alone to a foreign country in order to achieve his dreams of becoming an SM trainee and celebrity. While he was a trainee, SM delayed Kris's debut several times. After finally debuting in 2012, while recording in January of 2013 Kris discovered that the part he had been practicing for about ten days had suddenly been cancelled. When he asked why, SM forcefully asked him to leave EXO for a few months and which disturbed Kris's career," the statement began, as reported by Star News.

"After multilateral negotiations, Kris returned to EXO but continued to be treated unfairly. Kris's health ended up affected by SM's long-term discriminatory treatment and lack of vacation time. From July 2013, Kris worked while taking medication and in January of 2014 was diagnosed with myocarditis in China. Still, SM did not look after Kris' heath. In addition to this, the unfair income distribution and lack of room for Kris to develop and grow as an artist caused him to lose confidence in SM Entertainment's management."

The statement continues to address that after Wu Yi Fan filed his lawsuit against SM Entertainment on May 15, 2014, one year later the Seoul Central District Court ordered SM to grant Wu Yi Fan's management rights to him outside of Korea. Yet, even after a year of negotiations SM Entertainment continued to take the issue to court.

"Kris has always been thankful for SM, and he is also thankful for everyone who has helped him develop," the statement continues. "Kris is currently working with his legal team and will continue his Chinese schedule. He will not make any claims to the SM Entertainment contract with him until the lawsuit is settled and will instead leave all matters to the legal team."

However, Korean netizens seem unmoved by the former EXO member's claims. "Whatever the case, I wish SM will win," one comment reads, as translated by Netizenbuzz.

"Everything about him is so calculated. He knows that if he didn't have SM, he wouldn't have been able to enter the industry as easily," another user states.

Others seem to be slightly more understanding to Wu Yi Fan's claims but still feel hurt for his departure from EXO: "I understand it must've been difficult for him living in a foreign country but I can never forgive him for throwing away his fellow members and his fans."

It seems like fans won't be seeing the end of the battle between Wu Yi Fan and SM Entertainment any time soon. Meanwhile, legal issues between other former EXO members Luhan and Tao are still up in the air.

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