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YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk Speaks Up About Big Bang's Upcoming Contract Decision, Future Plans For WINNER, iKON And 2NE1

By Samantha Marie Lifson | August 16, 2015 09:23 PM EDT


On August 5, CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk sat down with Korean news outlet Daily Sports to discuss the growth of his company, and share some personal details about his hit groups Winner, iKON, and Big Bang.

YG Entertainment has made great strides into diversifying itself beyond its music entertainment label. After starting its own fashion line, Nonagon, the company has begun pursuing food services and recently set up a separate subsidiary called YG FOODS. Daily Sports' interview with the CEO took place at his recently opened restaurant. According to their report, they managed to pursue some more sensitive topics, but only after loosening Yang Hyun Suk up with some drinks of Johnnie Walker Blue!

"With Big Bang releasing new songs every month, can you walk about the criticism the group and YG have received about monopolizing the spotlight," The Daily Sports interview opened up with.

"Big Bang is one of the biggest leaders of the Hallyu wave. This is their first album it three years which YG feels like was released with great difficulty. Unlike other artists who focus on only a single round of promotions we wanted to highlight each track being released on this album. Since our promotions and are world tour are growing on a larger scale we wanted to show fans around the world videos for each song. Unfortunately domestic fans were upset because Big Bang was not able to do promotions for "Sober" and "If You" due to their international promotions. We hope that fans can understand why we think it's better to reach beyond just the domestic market because Big Bang is a group that has the potential to do so," Yang Hyun Suk replied.

He continued on to talk about fans assuming that delays in Winner's comeback and iKON's debut were due to Big Bang's summer release schedule. "Because of Big Bang, more people are finding out about our other groups like Winner and iKon. We our currently putting our all into Big Bang's album since it has been three years but our other artists are also preparing albums," Yang Hyun Suk explained.

He continued on to say that other YG artists will be releasing music starting from September.

He also commented on the current girl group comeback way and 2NE1's lack of involvement, emphasizing that if CL's approaching US solo debut proves successful he believes it will have a good impact on 2NE1 as well.

Finally, he was asked about the Big Bang's upcoming contract decision. "The members of Big Bang grew up in the YG system," the CEO began, "and I have been with them for over 10 years. I don't think there will be objection [to renewing the contract."

"But even if Big Bang does choose to leave YG then I will help them," he also added. "What I really want is Big Bang to stay together. I want them to promote together as Big Bang even when they're older, like the Rolling Stones, and I wish to help and support them along the way."

Yang Hyun Suk is known not only as managing his artists but treating them with a degree of distance and freedom not unlike a relationship between a parent and his children. Through this interview, he continue to show not only his undying support for his artists but also solidify why he is head of one of Korea's largest entertainment companies.

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