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K-Pop Destinations: Live Like A K-Pop Star At SMTown Studio

By Rachelle D. | August 08, 2015 05:26 PM EDT


Most of us mortals will never know what it's really like to live the (sometimes) glamorous life of a K-pop star. But SM has given us the opportunity to pretend we're one (at least for a day!) with its brand new SMTown Studio in Seoul.

The sleek, modern studios opened in January, so it still has a shiny new air about it, and visitors are treated to the latest and greatest that technology has to offer, as well as a variety of ways to imagine what it would be like to be one of SM's hit makers.

One of the biggest draws of the studio is the SMTown Theatre, where K-pop fans can see holographic performances of all their favorite SM artists. A holographic show is a virtual experience that It's a virtual experience Also check the schedule before you go - sometimes SM stars make actual appearances at the studio.

SMTown Studio isn't only about watching the stars, though - you can do that almost anywhere. SM really wants fans to live the life of a K-pop star when they visit, so there are a number of opportunities to take interactive tours that let you participate in all aspects of the K-pop industry. Want to polish your K-pop dance moves? Opt for an $80, one-hour dance training session. Feel like learning how to do your hair and makeup in the style of your favorite stars? Don't worry, there's a style session on sale for you. Other tours include checking out real SM studios, getting vocal training and recording experience (hey, maybe it's your big break!), or getting a behind the scenes glimpse at the filming of a music video.

If you have any cash left over after your interactive tours, you're going to want to spend it in SMTown Studio's stellar SUM Celebrity Merchandise store. These isn't the cheap and tacky merchandise you can buy off any street in Seoul. SM is selling everything from cartoon note pads of EXO's faces to trendy tote bags to the designer items that some of their most famous stars have worn on red carpets or in fashion spreads. Be prepared to spend, or to be able to exercise some serious self control!

There's still a lot to see at SMTown Studios even if you're not forking over money for tours or souvenirs. Walls are adorned with exclusive photos of artists and virtual displays that make it clear why South Korea is known as a digitally pioneering country. If you keep your eyes peeled, you'll also notice details like the chairs and tables of the café being autographed by stars, or

One more bonus about traveling to SMTown Studio: it's located in COEX, a popular shopping and entertainment center in the heart of Seoul. The multiplex is home to several great restaurants, stores, and attractions. So, on the off chance you're traveling with people who aren't K-pop fans, you'll be able to let them hang around COEX knowing they're enjoying themselves.

It may not last forever, but after a whirlwind day at SMTown Studios, maybe you'll be happy to go home and relax, knowing that you got to experience all the glamor of being a star without any of the exhaustion.

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