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Review: Primary Returns To Make You Dance On 'Hello' Featuring Lena Park On His New Album '2' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | August 12, 2015 04:27 PM EDT


K-pop is continuing its trend towards fetishizing disco on "Hello" featuring Lena Park from Primary's new album "2," released on Wednesday.

As one of South Korea's most inventive producers, Primary is consistently pushing the boundaries of his own sound, this new release, the producer's first full-length in nearly three years, being no exception.

There are a number of standout tracks on the album including appearances from 18 artists including Choa of AOA, Kim Bum Soo, Dynamic Duo, Beenzino, Suran, Iron, Junggigo, Paloalto, Hwa Sa, Jungin, Rhythm Power, Kwon Jin Ah, BTS's Rap Monster, Hyukoh vocalist Oh Hyuk, Park Jung Hyun, Sunwoo, Jung-A, Jessie and Yankie.

But the standout track has to be Park's contribution to the album.

"Hello" has a number of different sonic layers that may not be immediately apparent as you are dancing your ass off. There is the foundational clean electric guitar sound reminiscent of musical giants of the Studio 54 era like The Bee Gees or Nile Rodgers and the ubiquitous slap bass drum. But the drumbeat is less Donna Summer and more indicative of a more recent Giorgio Moroder collaboration, the 2013 Daft Punk album "Random Access Memories."

Sure, Primary is unlikely to generate the kind of impossible-to-compete-with pop chart heat of Daft Punk's international smash "Get Lucky" from the same album, in the case of both artists, it is simply good to know that there are dance artists out there who aren't satisfied with relying on the same old tricks to getting a crowd of people to move.

Like a comedian not satisfied with simply getting a laugh, Primary seems to have a deeper purpose in mind.

Watch the music video for "Hello" featuring Lena Park from Primary's first full-length album in three years "2" RIGHT HERE

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