U.S. Spin Praises Unit Group 2Yoon, 'Leaving for Thailand to Begin Asia Promotions'

Unit group 2Yoon, who received much praise for their new style of music, will begin their Asia promotions starting with Thailand.

Unit group 2Yoon, which is comprised of 4minute members Huh Gayoon and Jun Ji Yoon, will be leaving for Thailand on March 20 for their Asia promotions in Thailand on March 21-23.

This is the second time a unit group has gone overseas for promotions. The first group was After School's unit group, Orange Caramel. 

With K-Pop taking on a new role in the world, many people have become curious about this new unit group's promotions.

2Yoon released their debut mini album, Harvest Moon, this past January and was the first idol group to try out a new genre of music called 'country pop'. They released their song titled, "24/7."

"24/7" features a bit of country and dance, which is something that is not usually seen in K-Pop. U.S magazine Spin commented and praised the new genre, "They have redone the whole country genre and made it their own and called it 'Kountry'."

Starting with Thailand, the group will be holding press conferences, interviews and appearing on TV shows as part of the promotions. Afterwards, they will also be visiting 3 more additional countries and continue their Asia promotions.

Their agency, Cube Entertainment, stated, "2Yoon has been gaining much attention in Korea as well as overseas. Later, when 4minute makes a comeback, these two members will still be doing activities as a unit group overseas."

The group 4minute debuted in 2009 under Cube Entertainment. They have released many hit songs and have won many awards. They have also won the 'K-Pop New Artist Award' at the 2010 Billboard Japan Music Awards.

We can expect a comeback from 4minute sometime this year after 2Yoon's promotions.

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