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‘Scream' TV Series Spoilers: Killer To Be Revealed In Episode 8?

By Marishen Lyle Primero Malulan | August 12, 2015 10:11 PM EDT


More deaths are coming in the last three episodes of the "Scream TV series but the killer might be identified soon enough based on spoilers of the show.

In the episode eight promo of the slasher series, it was teased that "the killer will be revealed." The end of the clip also showed Emma yet again being bothered by the killer but she's starting to fight back. Her father returns home and it seems that more deaths will be coming.

During episode seven that aired on Tuesday, yet another main character went down on one of the show's goriest deaths to date.

Spoilers alert! As reported by MTV, the "Scream" TV series episode eight killed off Emma's ex-boyfriend Will. After being dragged by the killer by his feet last week, Emma goes on a wild chase and began to look for Will until she finds him in a backyard. But as she ran to him, she tripped on a trap that set off a saw that sliced up Will's head into smithereens. His blood then splashed all over Emma's face.

Although the scene was all gore, behind the scenes, the actors found the it amusing.

Willa Fitzgerald, who portrays Emma, even laughed off the oatmeal gore that splashed on her face by taking to Twitter about the scene.

"Recovering after being blasted with blood and oatmeal," she tweeted.

In another tweet, Connor Weil, who played Will, was seen laughing with her post filming.

In reality though Weil was saddened by his character's demise.

"I was sad to leave these people who have become my family," he explained to E! Online. "But at the same time, when I was on set, I was so happy because this is the coolest death scene ever."

"I am so excited to see everyone freak out," he added. "I was happy with how they wrote my death. Because if you're going to go, I want it to be that crazy and that horrific, which it was!"

Spoilers aside, the killer with be out to haunt someone again when the "Scream" TV series episode eight airs next Tuesday.

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