Epik High Perform At Japan’s Summer Sonic Music Festival For The 1st Time

Korean hip-hop group Epik High performed at Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival for the first time this past weekend.

They performed “Born Hater,” “Don’t Hate Me” and more of their popular hit songs for a total of eight tracks.

The festival was held in Tokyo and Osaka, with another Korean act, BTS, performing on both days and Epik High hitting the stage in Tokyo on Sunday.

Epik High performed along with other popular artists including Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande and the Chemical Brothers.

The group, who finished their club tour in Japan, will also be heading to Osaka this Saturday to performa t the ‘A-Nation Stadium’ festival to meet with their fans.

Earlier this year, the group held their six-city North American tour and traveled to Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto.

Epik High
Summer Sonic Festival


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