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K-Pop's New 'It' Girls Mamamoo Hint At Musical Styles They May Explore In Video Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

By Tony Sokol | August 18, 2015 06:31 PM EDT


When the four member K-pop girl group Mamamoo made their debut last June with the R&B single "Mr. Ambiguous," following collaborations that year with rappers Bumkey, Geeks and K. Will, they quickly caught the attention of the Hallyu community for their innovative sound and bold visual style. The group won the Gaon Chart K-Pop Award for 2014 New Artist of The Year and was named Rookie Of The Year at the Seoul Success Awards. The singers expanded their sound in a collaboration with labelmate eSNa entitled "AHH OOP!" that was released on April 2. Back in June, Mamamoo scored some major hype for "Um Oh Ah Yeh," the new top 10 single from their second EP "Pink Funky." Last week, Mamamoo took some time out of their whirlwind schedule for an exclusive video interview with KpopStarz, to talk rocking out, why the "The Great Gatsby" would be a good look for the band and why their sound is more than just quirky.

All: Hello! We are Mamamoo!

KpopStarz: Even before your debut, you collaborated with many top artists. Do you have any new collaborations coming up anytime soon?

Solar: Unfortunately, we don't have any collaboration currently underway. But, we thank everyone for the love and support they showed for our previous collaborations. We are thinking of doing one soon, so please keep a look out.

KpopStarz: Many rock artists, such as Jung Joon Young and Lee Jong Hyun, appeared on your "Mr. Ambiguous" music video. Do you plan on doing any rock music?

Whee In: Of course! Some members are interested in rock and we as a group like to dabble in various genres of music. We will probably try rock music after our name becomes a bit more known.

KpopStarz: You seem to rock the retro trend in your music and videos. What era's style do you like and is there any particular style/trend you would like to try?

Hwasa: As a group, we try to stay in the 60s, 70s and 80s styles. It was something we liked and wanted to portray through our music. Personally, I think our group would also fit well with the style of the music from the time period of the movie "The Great Gatsby."

KpopStarz: When did you feel you were actually starting to get recognized as a group?

Moon Byul: I think it was when we actually performed on TV after our album was officially released. We were always just practicing and preparing for our debut. When we finally saw our music on websites, we really felt like we had done something as a group.

KpopStarz: When you first receive [the demo of] a song, do you memorize everyone's parts or do you memorize each of your own parts?

Solar: We practice the entire song, because we are all vocalists. We listen to the song so many times together that we naturally end up memorizing each other's parts as well.

KpopStarz: Who are your favorite artists? Do you all follow the same music? What type of genres do you listen to the most?

Whee In: Personally, I don't settle and say one person is my favorite artist. The group likes similar styles of music but we still have different tastes.

Moon Byul: When we're driving around, we like to listen to all different types of music and share the songs we are currently listening to with each other.

KpopStarz: For this album, did you help or partake in the concept process?

Hwasa: Our CEO [and producer, KIm Do Hoon] came up with the "Em Oh Ah Yeah" concept for this album, but we worked together to create the overall idea.

KpopStarz: With the release of this album, what do you want to hear from your fans?

Moon Byul: Some fans might be disappointed because we aren't doing our usual style. Fans who like our style might be surprised that we can do other genres of music as well. Our fans are entitled to their opinions. We just hope that they enjoy our music.

KpopStarz: Did the group have a say in the concept, outfits, etc. of your new music video,?

Solar: We held many meetings with our CEO and the music video director about the concept for the video. Three members dressed up as men in the video, so we had a lot of discussion on how to portray those images.

KpopStarz: Is there anything you'd like to say to our readers?

Whee In: We are so happy to meet with everyone through this video. Please keep a look out for us and support our new song, "Em Oh Ah Yeah." We hope that we can meet you all very soon. Thank you!

All: We are Mamamoo! Thank you!

Watch the music video for Mamamoo's newest single "Um Oh Ah Yeh" RIGHT HERE

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