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Z.Tao Changes Tour Stop To Free Benefit Concert For Tianjin Explosion Relief

By Tara Edwards | August 18, 2015 08:54 AM EDT


Most of the time, celebrities are known mostly for their songs, albums, dancing, or other various natural talents they use to promote themselves.

But a big part of being a celebrity is also the ability to use your fame for positive changes in less fortunate communities.

Recently, Huang Zitao (also known by the stage name Z.Tao, or just as Tao), an estranged member of SM Entertainment group EXO, announced that he would be giving back to the community of Tianjin, China after a tragic explosion devastated the city. According to reports, Z.Tao's solo concert in Beijing will now be a free event to benefit victims of the Tianjin tragedy.

The Tianjin blasts stemmed from a warehouse in the Binhai district of the city. The warehouse is owned by a private company that is licensed to handle hazardous materials, that may have ultimately caused the two horrific blasts.

The New York Times spoke to several Tianjin residents who described the explosions as extremely powerful and terrible.

"The explosions appeared to travel through the sewer pipes. The whole sky lit up like it was daytime," said Wang Dong.

The news of the explosion is perhaps even more upsetting to Tao, who is still negotiating the termination of his contract with SM Entertainment. He has yet to issue a formal statement that he will permanently leave EXO, but his father claimed through Chinese media outlets that Tao was leaving the group due to personal injury and unfair treatment by SM Entertainment.

Since his assumed departure from EXO, Tao has released his first solo EP entitled "T.A.O." Unfortunately, the music video for the title track of the album is blocked on YouTube due to the ongoing legal issues with SM Entertainment.

Though there is little information about the changes to the Beijing concert, hopefully the event will bring about enough donations to help the many victims of the Tianjin explosions.

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