'NCIS' Season 13 Spoilers: Gibbs And DiNozzo's Relationship's Suffers? Mark Harmon's Character Struggles To Recover

Agent Gibbs was shot twice on the season 12 finale but Mark Harmon's signing a new contract nixed all the rumors that his character is going to be killed. However, the incident will leave a mark on the friendship between Leroy Jethro and DiNozzo, according to the "NCIS" season 13 spoilers.

According to TV Guide, Agent Gibbs will have a "long road of recovery ahead of them," and it's not just referring to the wounds that he sustained but also the "psychological ramifications."

Showrunner Gary Glasberg dished spoilers to the website as he said, "Gibbs is in a difficult place, a physically difficult place. ... We're still functioning as a team, but there's absolutely some conflict."

 "There's issues that have to get worked out between team members, very specifically between Tony and Gibbs. ... It's tricky, and they're sensitive to what he's going through, and they're trying to be there for him as coworker and as friend and as family member. They're being ultra-supportive of him," he added.

But more spoilers for "NCIS" season 13 reveal that fans need not worry as the writers will not prolong this storyline if it has served its purpose.

Meanwhile, Tony DiNozzo will also have a chance at the spotlight now that his boss and mentor is recuperating.

According to the TVGuide, "It's up to Tony to close out the case of The Calling, the terrorist organization Gibbs and the team were tracking when he got shot."

The season premiere of "NCIS" season 13 is expected to be action-packed as Gary Glasberg revealed more spoilers saying that the whole story arc will get a dramatic resolution in the season opener.

As for Tony DiNozzo, he "really rises to the occasion," which serves Agent Gibbs proud.

Tune in for more "NCIS" season 13 spoilers which will be published here when they come along ahead of the airing date on Sept. 22.

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