ASTRO Kick Off Debut Promotions With New Web Drama ‘To Be Continued'

Korean entertainment company Fantagio is preparing the K-pop world for the debut of their new boy group ASTRO. To kick off debut promotions, the six members will star in a web drama titled To Be Continued.

To Be Continued is a part of ASTRO's debut project designed to intensify anticipation for the group's first official album release.

There are 6 members in this group. Cha Eunwoo is known for his good looks and charms. Moonbin boasts attractive looks and epic dancing skills. MJ has powerful vocals and is known as the mood maker of the group. Rocky is said to be the member of many abilities. Leader and rapper Jinjin can beatbox and and play drums. Yoon Sanha is the youngest of the group and is a powerful vocalist.

To Be Continued is a 12-episode web drama. In the show, just a day before their debut, ASTRO wake up to find themselves in the past after lightening hits their practice studio. Actress Kim Se Ron, who plays the role of ASTRO's best friend Arin, helps them make their debut safely.

The first few episode have already been posted on Naver TVcast. New episodes of To Be Continued will be available through Thursday at 6 PM.



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