Lee Joon Embraces His '4D Personality' In GQ

GQ released two new photos of actor Lee Joon from his August pictorial for the magazine. In the new cuts, Lee posed on the floor in a plaid Armani shirt and had water splashed onto him while wearing a Mark Ronson suit.

During the interview, Lee revealed he has a very relaxed approach to fame and isn't seeking an international Hallyu star title. He stated, "If that day doesn't come or if there's a moment when things don't go well, it doesn't worry me. People are always like that, aren't they? Whether they have ten billion or a hundred billion [Korean won], everyone is the same when it comes to worries. Right now, I should be satisfied with my activities."

The star also discussed his honest personality.

"Being honest is a problem." He admitted. "Whatever the question may be, I answer everything. They usually say to me, 'It doesn't look like you're lying.'"

He also reminisced about his variety beginnings, when he made a name for himself with his "4D personality."

He asserted, "That benefited me too. I don't regret that image...never."

To check out the first batch of pictures from this photoshoot, click here!

Recently, Lee Joon's agency Prain TPC confirmed that that the actor's next project will be a Korean remake of the Japanese film Key Of Life.


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